SAILOR Hand Crafted Moroccan Leather Travel Duffel

  • $250.00

From business trips to exciting vacations alike, carry and radiate that special old-world flair whenever you travel, with this stunning bag. Tanned without the use of chemicals or dyes, but through a natural method that spans way back into the old centuries, and involves special treatment with salt water and sunlight; this bags tawny color will only grow richer and darker with use.

Naturally lightweight and strong, it is crafted using Moroccan leather and will only become softer and better looking with age. To ensure durability and strength, the leather is double stitched on the trim to stand the test of time. What's more, every NOMAD HOUSE Natural Leather bag has been oil-primed to accentuate the natural anomalies and all other leather features that make each bag one-of-a-kind in appearance.

Each bag has a unique individuality only found in nature.

A modern take on a maritime inspired classic.  

  • Size: (65 x 29 x 29) cm (HXLXl)
  • Product 100% handmade, made from goat leather
  • Naturally Waterproof Moroccan Leather
  • Lightweight and flexible, it offers incredible robustness and weather resistance
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Double inner lining
  • Zipped side pocket, ideal for carrying and accessing documents or other valuables without having to open the main compartment


**Please note: Due to the completely natural nature of our product, colour can vary.