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BOUCHEROUITE - Hand Knotted Rag Art Rug

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Boucherouite or Boucherwette, Pronounced boo-sher-WET , is the art of hand-knotted colourful vintage rag rugs made from ‘ clothing fabric scraps ‘ by village women in remote Moroccan Berber tribes, in the Atlas Montains near cities such as Marrakesh, Beni Mellal and Azilal.

This one is an Azilal boucherouite made from 100% pure sheep wool. Beautiful piece of modern abstract art.

Code: AZB-514

Size:  125 x 194

Genuine Boucherouite rag rugs solely and exclusively originate from Morocco Atlas mountains villages.

SHIPPING - Direct from Marrakech via FedEx. Please ask for a quote to your destination prior to purchase. 

N.B: We can always include a rug in with our bulk shipments to NZ to cut down on shipping cost.

WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES please email: Ayoub & Carol

Attracted by the colourful knotted fabrics and the diversity of its irregular patterns in rainbow palettes of colours, tones and shades , children love to spend time playing on boucherouite rugs.  For children, there is always something new to discover in these rugs, relating exciting stories from their vivid imaginations.

Sometimes interiors call for something a little more whimsical than the more common Persian and Turkish style rugs. In that case, a boucherouite rug may be just the solution. Originating from Morrocco, boucherouite rugs have always been created by weaving scraps of fabric in graphic patterns. It’s somewhat ironic that they have become synonymous these days with luxury.

Moroccan boucherouite rugs, used in monochromatic interiors, with their geometric patterns often translates into a more modern, often minimalist aesthetic, and provide a much-needed pop of colour without overwhelming the space.

So, if you’re looking for a new take on the Beni Ourain classic then a boucherouite is for you.

The Boucherouite is like the crazy cousin of the Beni Ourain. While the Beni Ourain is calm and classic with its natural palette and muted greys, the Boucherouite is almost hyperactive, and anything but quiet. The colours are often bold, and the pile is lush and lovely. If you’re looking for a chic way to do Bohemian style without compromising on colour, then the Moroccan rag rug is your new best friend.

These rugs are nothing new.  Back in 2013 they hit the lust list of the interiors “A -list” and were featured in quite a number of interior design blogs, but then all went a bit quiet…… Until now.

This season it’s back in the spotlight and in high demand! The hottest trend in rugs is available right here!