AZILAL Genuine Hand Knotted & Woven Berber Wool Rug

  • $950.00

This is a gorgeous NEW Azilal carpet, densely hand knotted and loomed. Nice all over black lozenge pattern with dots of fuchsia, green and black on Ivory background.  Wool fibers hand knotted on a cotton warp. The carpet is fresh off the loom so you can expect decades of use out of it. Pass it on as an heirloom piece in years to come. Value increases with age.

CODE: AZ-118

SIZE: 248 x 142 cm

REGION: Azilal

CIRCA: 2017

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Azilal rugs originate from the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Handmade from fine grade mountain sheep's wool, our vintage Azilals most often feature a soft, natural ivory wool background with vibrant coloured motifs and geometric designs. Azilal carpets range in thickness and density - some are quite thick and warm like a Beni Ourain, while others are lighter in texture and feel. The colours and design in each carpet are chosen by the Berber women weavers as freeform creative expression.  Azilal rugs are RARE ans were almost unheard of in the market place until the 90's. From Paris to USA to Tokyo...many galleries exhibit Azilal and other Moroccan rugs as works of art. Artists such as Matisse, Paul Klee and Le Corbussier have all been inspired by these gorgeous creations. Each rug becomes a functional piece of modern art for either the wall or the floor....the choice is yours.

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