Genuine Vintage Taznakht Carpet Rug

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Size: 285 cms x 155 cms

Condition: Vintage

Origin: Taznakht

Circa: 1990’s

This stunning, elegant hand-woven wool rug comes from the area of Taznakht, South Morocco. Its three central octagonal shapes contain a special meaning.

If you want to create positive and vibrant energy in your living space, this vintage rug is for you. Install it on your patio, in the lounge or winter garden. Make it a center piece that will inspire your guests for a magic adventure.

This rustic handwoven vintage rug will inspire you to create a special exotic ambiance in your home. The striking composition of the wool rug features a strikingblue background contrasted by bright saffron borders which contain traditional design elements. The meallions in the central field are arranged in a special pattern and are also filled with mystical Berber symbols. Enjoy the magic beauty of the rug combined with its practicality.

Genuine Vintage Moroccan Taznakht rugs come in natural dyes of contrasting colours and feature traditional designs. It is impossible to find two identical rugs. 

This colourful vintage rug exhibits traditional geometric symbols. The colours are contrasting, enabling the rug to accentuate a white or neutral interior. 

Add the rug to your living room or bedroom and enjoy its vibrant earthy presence in your living space. This vintage Taznakht rug will look particularly amazing with classic style furniture.  The rug is soft and comfortable under foot.

Hand-woven by Berbers woman of the tribal villages around the city of Ouarzazate.


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When you buy an eco-friendly, or organic handmade product you not only get a unique item but you also contribute to sustaining livelihoods and preserving ancient arts and crafts that have been passed down through many generations of artisan families.


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